Child Depression And Cure

Every family would want the best for their child and child depression is the farthest thing from their mind. Parents are hopeful for their children and they love them very much. But what happens when child depression is noted in a child? In these present times, there are increased cases of child depression noted. It would be a good thing if one of the parents is keen enough to know the symptoms and get to the aid of the child. However, most have both parents working and children are left on their own. It would be most helpful to know what are the symptoms of depression in a child.

Child Depression
Child Depression

A child with depression sometimes isolates himself from his peers. Noted is his physical and verbal violence and his irritation gets on longer periods of time. His achievements in school get down because he has feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and inadequacy. He no longer enjoys his normal routine and activities and there is excessive crying and extreme sadness. Some children even get suicidal.

You would be extremely lucky if you can detect the symptoms as early as possible, and when these happens, one should be prepared to devote most of her time for the child everyday to assure him that you are there for him. To make him feel that you love him and that he is safe. Talk to him to know what his activities are and to discover what is bothering him. Encourage them to talk about themselves by listening patiently to them. Children have this huge fear that they are alone in facing their problems.

Some parents are strict and very expectant that they require high achievements in school from their child. Others are too irresponsible not minding the activities and what happens to their children. These treatments from the parents confuse and frighten the child that he cannot fulfill the parent’s expectations. Some children are overburdened with extra-curricular activities like sports or music where much are also expected of them so that when they fall short they fall to low self-esteem and disrespect for themselves. Talk to them about peer pressure and other issues that might be a problem to the child.

Learn from your child what skills he wants to learn and let him achieve it in his own pace. Always appreciate whatever attributes they have like their being very loving or respectful. Appreciate every item that they have drawn. Create a healthy loving family environment where the child could feel that he is safe so that child depression will be a thing of the past.

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