The Road To Depression Recovery

Many people went into depression one time or another in their lives and they have also found the road to depression recovery.

It is now estimated that one out of five people underwent some kind of depression in their life. They might range from mild to severe. With the fast-paced world we now are in, some people fail to relax, meditate, get the support of family and friends or take pleasure out of little things. All they think about is money or prestige and when they fall short of their goals, they break down. Japan which is a very work and ethics oriented country has thousands of their citizens committing suicide.

Depression Recovery

It is said that women are more susceptible to depression than men. However, it is the men who do not accept reality and do not go for treatment. There are many ways of curing depression and among them is:

  1. Use of antidepressants. People get depression because there is chemical imbalance in the brain. These anti depressants help correct the imbalance. Side effects can sometimes be uncomfortable in this kind of treatment like lethargy and stiffness. It is imperative therefore to consult your physician so your medication can be studied to suit with you.
  2. Psychotherapy is perhaps the best cure for depression. There is the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Interpersonal Therapy. With the aid of a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist, the patient can talk about his inner feelings and thoughts and he is given advise how to cope with his problems and change his negative outlook. People who respond to psychotherapy are usually cured and there is no side effect to this treatment.
  3. Another treatment for depression is Electro Convulsive Therapy or ECT. This is usually administered to severe cases when all other treatments fail. It is said to have positive results when done well, however when it is administered wrongly it can have adverse effects.
  4. There are some other holistic treatments are yoga, acupuncture and acupressure and with the use of natural supplements and herbs to lift the mood of a depressed person.

Once a person has gotten out of depression, he should take care that he will not go into relapse. He should find an activity that is pleasurable and fulfilling. He should join interest groups so that he can associate with others. He should also join a church that is acceptable to him and so he can have a positive morale. One should be extremely thankful that he is now on the road to depression recovery.

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