Major Depression Symptoms

Major depression is also known as clinical depression, major depressive disorder, unipolar disorder and unipolar depression. It is manifested by low self-esteem, worthlessness, and disinterest and loss of pleasure from activities that are enjoyable.

Depression is a debilitating disorder that affects the overall quality of life of a person and that of his family as well. A person with major depression sees everything as bleak. He cannot sleep, eat and associate normally. Data have showed that 60% of those who committed suicide in the U S are depressive and 3 to 4% of those who have major depression kill themselves.

Major Depression Symptoms

Signs that a person has major depression is his negative mood that controls his life. He has a feeling of remorse, which is usually unfounded. He also suffers helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness. He is also withdrawn, has poor memory and concentration. Since he has trouble sleeping, he may experience hallucinations and delusions leading to suicide attempts.

The causes of major depression are psychological, social and biological influences.

Psychological factor refers to the mental condition of a person like his outlook in life and how he copes with stress. He might have negative upbringing so that his views are distorted.

Social factors are those stressors and trauma that happened in his life like the death of a loved one, marital conflict or financial problems. A study also confirmed that children who were physically, emotionally and sexually abused or were neglected have the tendency have a depression later in life.

Biological factors are those that came with the person when he was born. Chemical imbalance in the brain causes depression because they alter brain activities. Genetics also plays a major issue. It is believed that the gene that causes mental ailment can be passed on to the child.

Some available treatments for the Major Depression is medication with the use of anti-depressants. This has however have side effects and can cure only the symptoms but not the ailment. Another treatment is psychotherapy. This is effective for those below 18 years old. It won’t work for people who won’t open up or not comfortable with talking about themselves.

There are also holistic treatments like yoga, acupuncture and acupressure and the use of herbs to brew natural medication to lift the mood of the depressed person. This procedure is 100% safe, effective and with lasting effects that can cure the major depression symptoms.

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