How To Spot Manic Depression Symptoms

In the family, one cannot really anticipate when mental illness will catch a member of the family so it is important to spot manic depression symptoms to help the member of the family.

Manic depression is known as manic-depressive disorder or bipolar disorder. This is because there are two opposite sides to the illness. They manifest two behaviors on the extreme side of the scale, known as the high and the low or the manic and the depressive or hypo behaviors. People with mental illness do not only cause problems for themselves but all the members of the family are affected as well because they are the ones who would try to control the manic depressive behaviors and bring them for medical help.

Manic Depression Symptoms
Manic Depression Symptoms

This kind of mental behavior is hard to spot because some people might think that a depressed person is already cured, but actually, he just shifted to mania, the other side of his illness. It is therefore important to identify the symptoms so that they can be brought to a psychiatrist as early as possible. In these modern times, this mental illness can be cured when identified in its early stage.

The manic depression symptoms manifest these behaviors: very happy mood and is very kind to everyone, aggressive and insulting, distracted and cannot concentrate, talks fast because of racing thoughts in the mind, incoherent and have different ideas, hyperactive and restless, extreme spending, increased sexual desire, very poor judgment, unrealistic belief that he has superpowers, sleeplessness but still has high energy, abusive use of alcohol and drugs, in denial and won’t believe that something is wrong with him.

On the other side of the spectrum, when he is on the depression stage, he is: saddened with a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness and pessimism, feeling of fatigue and very low energy, no sexual need, cannot feel pleasure from anything, cannot concentrate, forgetful and restless, irritable, has either insomnia or is oversleeping, loss or gain of appetite which results to weight loss or gain, has body pains and suicidal tendencies.

A manic-depressive may experience hallucinations and delusions as a symptom of psychosis. It is therefore imperative that the patient be taken immediately for medical attention before he will manifest violent or shameful behavior like going naked in the street or making trouble in public places. There are special treatments tailored especially for people who manifest manic depression symptoms.

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