WEBSITE.COM – Privacy Policy

Collected Information – Voluntary

This website does not collect or obtain any personal or contact information about its users without their express, prior permission.

Users can, at their option, join our email newsletter. We uses a reputable, CAN-SPAM compliant newsletter management service, and as an added privacy and security measure, we use a “double opt-in” system in which users wishing to subscribe to the newsletter must, in addition to entering their email address into a form on our site, also confirm their subscription by following the instructions of an automated verification email in order to become subscribed.

Users who do not confirm their subscription will not be subscribed or receive any email communications from us. This prevents users from entering false contact details, or potentially entering someone else’s email address without their knowledge or approval.

If a subscribed user wishes to unsubscribe from the newsletter for any reason, he or she may do so instantly by following the automated unsubscribe link, located in the footer of every email.

The data collected by our newsletter system will be used for marketing purposes related to topics of this website and related products or services.

The data will not be shared, sold, rented or distributed to any other party for any reason.

The only exception to this is if site is sold to a third-party, at which time data may be transferred to the new owner. Subscribed users will promptly be made aware of any such activity before any data is transferred, and will be given sufficient time to unsubscribe if they choose not to have their information transfered to the new ownership.

Collected Information – Involuntary

The only information collected involuntarily from all visitors is basic geographic, referral, on-site navigation patterns and IP information for the purpose of tracking our website traffic statistics. We use this data in order to improve our website & user experience, as well as measuring the effectiveness of our advertising & marketing efforts.

Data is not evaluated on a “user by user” basis, but rather in the aggregate on a mass scale. We look at the overall patterns based on the statistical information collected from thousands of visitors.

The data is collected (and stored) by our preferred & reputable traffic analysis service. The data is stored securely and is not publicly available. Only we (ownership & staff) can access this statistical data, without exception.

This data is collected through the use of a simple javascript script on each page of this website and does not interfere with or affect the user’s internet browsing program whatsoever.

This website does NOT use spyware, adware, viruses, trojans or otherwise any invasive, involuntary methods to increase incoming traffic, or otherwise for any other purpose.

Compensation Disclosure: This site receives compensation for referred sales of some or all mentioned products.