Varying Signs Of Depression

Every person undergoes depression sometime in their life and the signs of depression manifested vary from person to person depending on the degree of his depression. Some are mild and some are severe. Sometimes they can be manic and sometimes depressed.

If one is sad, or cannot sleep, or cannot eat; some other depressed person is experiencing the opposite feelings in the continuum, which are ecstasy, oversleeping and over eating. What is common however among all the depressed persons are their low esteem, hopelessness and helplessness. They no longer feel pleasure from food, sex or other activities that usually give satisfaction and enjoyment. It seems as if someone within them is telling them to give up. When these symptoms occur, time is of the essence. He has to be taken for medical help before he progresses to be harmful to himself. And that is when the aspect of self-loathing set in. The person should now be monitored so that he can be safe from himself. Suicide prevention is done by taking into consideration his basic needs and characteristics so that he can be fully understood to know what course of action should be taken for him. When treated early, the regimen can be very effective.

The causes of depression can be traced to problems that befell the individual. It might be work related, financial or relationship problems, or loss of a loved one. Some normal people would go through depression for a while and they can get out of it if they can accept the situation and be realistic. The manic- depressive however, do not have the skills to understand and accept the new negative situation that he has encountered. The depressed person should therefore undergo treatment that would make him change his outlook in life and be positive and realistic to be able to react well to the negative situation.

Genetics also play a role in the situation of the manic-depressive. Families who are prone to mental illness pass on their genes to their children so that these children have weak mental inclinations.

In this modern society, studies and experiments have progressed in finding a cure for depression and mental illness. There are clinical treatments as well as naturopathic ways. What is important is the individual should be given attention as soon as the signs of depression are noted.

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