Signs Of Teenage Depression

One of the hardest phases in one’s life is between the ages of 10 to 19 years old so this is when signs of teenage depression usually manifest. This is the period that the teener would think that he is already grown up but yet he has to suffer the strictness of his parents. He is not allowed to act like a youngster nor allowed to do what adults are doing. This is also the phase where peer pressure is at its strongest and with the onset of puberty; hormones play a big role in their behavior.

These conflicting situations usually lead to teenage depression. It is said that one in five teenagers are affected before their 18th birthday comes. Often it is undiagnosed because some parents think that this rebellion is a normal part of the teenager’s life. The teenager on the other hand hide their feelings and refuse to believe that there is something wrong with them. They also hate to seek their parent’s help. This depression when not checked therefore might lead to adult depression of psychosis later in life.

The signs of teenage depression are almost the same as that in adults, which is short of attentiveness and cannot concentrate on his tasks, chronic fatigue, and hot tempered. As the disease progresses and the teener has difficulty in coping with the distress, he will manifest crying, making troubles or become lethargic. If the offspring has more than five of the symptoms of teenage depression, and when he becomes suicidal, it is imperative to get professional help and to show love and support for the child.

Some causes of teenage depression are very stressful events in their life like the divorce of their parents, death of a loved one, financial hardships, sexual or physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse. Teeners also get depressed when they cannot get their targets in school or their personal goals. If he is not accepted by his peers, that might also be a tendency for him to get depressed. Another most likely cause of depression is genetic and the teenager is predisposed to have it if his family is emotionally or mentally weak. Families therefore should be wary of the signs of teenage depression to help the teenager get out of the depression state.

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