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Depression Therapy

A number of people undergo depression and anxiety attacks sometime in their lives so it is important that we should be familiar about what is depression therapy to help us overcome such feelings. These therapies do not use drugs as some psychotic drugs have negative side effects with the patient.Many fear that something is mentally or psychologically wrong with them but this is still just a feeling. Others suffer from anxiety attacks but do not go to the psychiatrist because they do not know that such feelings could be treated through therapy. Some people are susceptible to worrying than others because of their outlook in life, or experiences in the past and learnings from other people. This worrying is not a passing thing but takes a long time and a lot of energy. They keep on thinking the worse and goes on and on and they cannot sleep and then go into depression.

There is a therapy called CBT or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy where the individual is assisted to help them delve into their feelings. This will have their thinking patterns changed into an optimistic outlook so they do not have to feel guilty or shameful. The individual is then taught how to deal with daily situations so they won’t feel anxious. With CBT, the individual is taught relaxation and stress relieving techniques to calm him down.

Holistic Therapies include chiropractic massage, acupuncture and acupressure. There are also homeopathic medicines that are of natural substances that are taken by the patient to enhance the body’s immune system.

Herbal supplements that affect the mood are now in the market. The manufacturing and formulation of these herbs are well studied that they are very potent and will be assimilated well by the body. Vitamins and minerals and other nutrients boost these supplements.

Psychotherapy is about one on one with the therapist where the patient releases his feelings and talk about his past, his trauma and other issues. The therapist then counsel the patient how to overcome his feelings and how to have a positive outlook.

There are now different depression therapies available and you should consult with your doctor on what direction to undergo, as he is the one who can fully diagnose the condition of the patient.

Signs Of Teenage Depression

One of the hardest phases in one’s life is between the ages of 10 to 19 years old so this is when signs of teenage depression usually manifest. This is the period that the teener would think that he is already grown up but yet he has to suffer the strictness of his parents. He is not allowed to act like a youngster nor allowed to do what adults are doing. This is also the phase where peer pressure is at its strongest and with the onset of puberty; hormones play a big role in their behavior.

These conflicting situations usually lead to teenage depression. It is said that one in five teenagers are affected before their 18th birthday comes. Often it is undiagnosed because some parents think that this rebellion is a normal part of the teenager’s life. The teenager on the other hand hide their feelings and refuse to believe that there is something wrong with them. They also hate to seek their parent’s help. This depression when not checked therefore might lead to adult depression of psychosis later in life.

The signs of teenage depression are almost the same as that in adults, which is short of attentiveness and cannot concentrate on his tasks, chronic fatigue, and hot tempered. As the disease progresses and the teener has difficulty in coping with the distress, he will manifest crying, making troubles or become lethargic. If the offspring has more than five of the symptoms of teenage depression, and when he becomes suicidal, it is imperative to get professional help and to show love and support for the child.

Some causes of teenage depression are very stressful events in their life like the divorce of their parents, death of a loved one, financial hardships, sexual or physical abuse, drug and alcohol abuse. Teeners also get depressed when they cannot get their targets in school or their personal goals. If he is not accepted by his peers, that might also be a tendency for him to get depressed. Another most likely cause of depression is genetic and the teenager is predisposed to have it if his family is emotionally or mentally weak. Families therefore should be wary of the signs of teenage depression to help the teenager get out of the depression state.

Major Depression Symptoms

Major depression is also known as clinical depression, major depressive disorder, unipolar disorder and unipolar depression. It is manifested by low self-esteem, worthlessness, and disinterest and loss of pleasure from activities that are enjoyable.

Depression is a debilitating disorder that affects the overall quality of life of a person and that of his family as well. A person with major depression sees everything as bleak. He cannot sleep, eat and associate normally. Data have showed that 60% of those who committed suicide in the U S are depressive and 3 to 4% of those who have major depression kill themselves.

Major Depression Symptoms

Signs that a person has major depression is his negative mood that controls his life. He has a feeling of remorse, which is usually unfounded. He also suffers helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness. He is also withdrawn, has poor memory and concentration. Since he has trouble sleeping, he may experience hallucinations and delusions leading to suicide attempts.

The causes of major depression are psychological, social and biological influences.

Psychological factor refers to the mental condition of a person like his outlook in life and how he copes with stress. He might have negative upbringing so that his views are distorted.

Social factors are those stressors and trauma that happened in his life like the death of a loved one, marital conflict or financial problems. A study also confirmed that children who were physically, emotionally and sexually abused or were neglected have the tendency have a depression later in life.

Biological factors are those that came with the person when he was born. Chemical imbalance in the brain causes depression because they alter brain activities. Genetics also plays a major issue. It is believed that the gene that causes mental ailment can be passed on to the child.

Some available treatments for the Major Depression is medication with the use of anti-depressants. This has however have side effects and can cure only the symptoms but not the ailment. Another treatment is psychotherapy. This is effective for those below 18 years old. It won’t work for people who won’t open up or not comfortable with talking about themselves.

There are also holistic treatments like yoga, acupuncture and acupressure and the use of herbs to brew natural medication to lift the mood of the depressed person. This procedure is 100% safe, effective and with lasting effects that can cure the major depression symptoms.

Varying Signs Of Depression

Every person undergoes depression sometime in their life and the signs of depression manifested vary from person to person depending on the degree of his depression. Some are mild and some are severe. Sometimes they can be manic and sometimes depressed.

If one is sad, or cannot sleep, or cannot eat; some other depressed person is experiencing the opposite feelings in the continuum, which are ecstasy, oversleeping and over eating. What is common however among all the depressed persons are their low esteem, hopelessness and helplessness. They no longer feel pleasure from food, sex or other activities that usually give satisfaction and enjoyment. It seems as if someone within them is telling them to give up. When these symptoms occur, time is of the essence. He has to be taken for medical help before he progresses to be harmful to himself. And that is when the aspect of self-loathing set in. The person should now be monitored so that he can be safe from himself. Suicide prevention is done by taking into consideration his basic needs and characteristics so that he can be fully understood to know what course of action should be taken for him. When treated early, the regimen can be very effective.

The causes of depression can be traced to problems that befell the individual. It might be work related, financial or relationship problems, or loss of a loved one. Some normal people would go through depression for a while and they can get out of it if they can accept the situation and be realistic. The manic- depressive however, do not have the skills to understand and accept the new negative situation that he has encountered. The depressed person should therefore undergo treatment that would make him change his outlook in life and be positive and realistic to be able to react well to the negative situation.

Genetics also play a role in the situation of the manic-depressive. Families who are prone to mental illness pass on their genes to their children so that these children have weak mental inclinations.

In this modern society, studies and experiments have progressed in finding a cure for depression and mental illness. There are clinical treatments as well as naturopathic ways. What is important is the individual should be given attention as soon as the signs of depression are noted.

How To Spot Manic Depression Symptoms

In the family, one cannot really anticipate when mental illness will catch a member of the family so it is important to spot manic depression symptoms to help the member of the family.

Manic depression is known as manic-depressive disorder or bipolar disorder. This is because there are two opposite sides to the illness. They manifest two behaviors on the extreme side of the scale, known as the high and the low or the manic and the depressive or hypo behaviors. People with mental illness do not only cause problems for themselves but all the members of the family are affected as well because they are the ones who would try to control the manic depressive behaviors and bring them for medical help.

Manic Depression Symptoms

Manic Depression Symptoms

This kind of mental behavior is hard to spot because some people might think that a depressed person is already cured, but actually, he just shifted to mania, the other side of his illness. It is therefore important to identify the symptoms so that they can be brought to a psychiatrist as early as possible. In these modern times, this mental illness can be cured when identified in its early stage.

The manic depression symptoms manifest these behaviors: very happy mood and is very kind to everyone, aggressive and insulting, distracted and cannot concentrate, talks fast because of racing thoughts in the mind, incoherent and have different ideas, hyperactive and restless, extreme spending, increased sexual desire, very poor judgment, unrealistic belief that he has superpowers, sleeplessness but still has high energy, abusive use of alcohol and drugs, in denial and won’t believe that something is wrong with him.

On the other side of the spectrum, when he is on the depression stage, he is: saddened with a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness and pessimism, feeling of fatigue and very low energy, no sexual need, cannot feel pleasure from anything, cannot concentrate, forgetful and restless, irritable, has either insomnia or is oversleeping, loss or gain of appetite which results to weight loss or gain, has body pains and suicidal tendencies.

A manic-depressive may experience hallucinations and delusions as a symptom of psychosis. It is therefore imperative that the patient be taken immediately for medical attention before he will manifest violent or shameful behavior like going naked in the street or making trouble in public places. There are special treatments tailored especially for people who manifest manic depression symptoms.